May 5, 2023
Together again:

From evidence to reality

Advocacy Toolkit and Resources Pack

Welcome to the #IDM2023 Digital Toolkit!

A note on the theme: We’ve given both the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress (June 11-14) and #IDM2023 the same theme to underscore our excitement at finally being able to meet face-to-face after more than two years of lockdowns and global travel restrictions. Through this theme, we also want to acknowledge the evidence supporting our profession, and the need to turn this evidence into improved respect, autonomy and working conditions for midwives and improved health outcomes for women and families.  

A message from ICM President, Dr. Franka Cadée and ICM Chief Executive, Dr. Sally Pairman

Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), meaning 2023 is the first year of our new century – one that will undoubtedly see major developments for midwives and midwifery. If we want to ensure midwives have the resources and support to lead these developments, we need to leverage moments like International Day of the Midwife (IDM) to garner attention for our life-enhancing work and ensuring that midwives have the resources to fulfil the full scope of midwifery care.  


In our respective roles as President and Chief Executive and in our careers as midwives and gender equality advocates, we’ve seen how pivotal IDM has become in advancing our collective demand for greater investment in midwives and midwifery. We’ve also seen how important it is to include voices from outside of the midwifery workforce in promoting and celebrating midwifery, specifically, the voices of the women and families we care for. That’s why, this year’s #IDM2023 resource pack is designed to encourage everyone to contribute to our advocacy efforts. 


With this in mind, we’ve done things a bit differently this year, adding two new components to our IDM celebration – an IDM contest that encourages collaboration between midwives and women, and a new member zone for our MAs to share and promote their IDM events and initiatives. We’re confident that the prize for the IDM contest is one midwives will really appreciate. 


As always, the IDM resource pack contains the advocacy messages and graphics midwives and their associations require to celebrate IDM both online and in-person. We’ve also included an invitation to the ICM-hosted digital celebration which will take place twice on 5 May 2023, to accommodate midwives’ associations across all time zones.   


So, here’s to #IDM2023! We are so proud to be working alongside you, our global midwifery community. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments on IDM, and at the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress in Bali where we’ll finally be together again. ?  



Our first-ever IDM contest, featuring the best prize a midwife could ask for!

In celebration of #IDM2023, we want to switch things up and provide women and other birthing people with the opportunity to thank and honour a midwife in their life.  

From 15 February to 1 May 2023, we’re asking anyone with a midwife in their life to post a photo of that midwife on Instagram along with a brief description of why that midwife deserves a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Bali, Indonesia and free access to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress (June 11-14).  

Whether you work with a midwife, have used midwifery services or have a midwife friend or relative, we encourage you to enter the contest for a chance to provide this special person in your life with the experience of a lifetime!  

The winner of the Bali prize pack will be announced during our IDM event on 5 May 2023 (details below).  

Advocate for midwives and women across your social media channels!  

In keeping with our theme of coming together again in celebration of midwives and midwifery, we’ve developed social media messaging and graphics on the relationship between a woman and her midwife – the perfect example of what coming together to support one another can achieve.

Before, during and after 5 May 2023, copy the social media messages and download the graphics to advocate for midwives and the women and other birthing people they care for.

Did you know: When a midwife cares for you, you are: 

?? More likely to have a vaginal birth
?? Less likely to have a premature birth
?? More likely to have a positive postpartum experience 

Happy #IDM2023! #EvidencetoReality



In supporting the bodily autonomy of women and other birthing people, #midwives stand as defenders of human rights and champions for reproductive justice.   

On this #IDM2023, let’s celebrate midwives for what they are: Activists working every day to deliver a better future for all. #EvidencetoReality



In celebration of #IDM2023, @world_midwives is sending a midwife to Bali for an all-expenses-paid trip to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress!   

If you know a #midwife deserving of this trip of a lifetime, take part in the Instagram contest before May. 

?? ?? ??  Learn more:


Today is the International Day of the Midwife – an opportunity to honour and celebrate what can be achieved when a woman or other birthing person receives quality care from a trusted #midwife. When a midwife cares for you during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, you are: 

?? More likely to give birth vaginally
?? Less likely to give birth prematurely
?? More likely to have a positive postpartum experience 

Midwife-led care is the most appropriate model of care for childbearing women and people. We must invest in this model and the vital relationship between women and midwives to achieve a healthy future for all. #EvidencetoReality 

Happy #IDM2023 to midwives and women everywhere!  


May 5th marks the International Day of the Midwife. 

Did you know that the relationship between midwives and women can be so much more than care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Midwifery care is also about: 

?? Providing women, families and communities with #SRHR education
?? Supporting women to access abortions and working with other healthcare professionals to provide abortions
??  Representing the sexual and reproductive health needs of women and community members in leadership roles within hospitals, health clinics and ministries of health  

On this #IDM2023, we need to begin seeing midwives for what they really are – feminist activists standing for women and their fundamental rights to bodily autonomy and quality #SRH care.  

Like and share this message if you agree. #EvidencetoReality 


It’s the International Day of the Midwife! 

Midwifery is a partnership between a woman and her midwife, based on mutual respect and trust. Health systems and other health professionals can learn a lot from this partnership, like:  

?? How to listen to and respect the bodily autonomy and human rights of every person 

?? How health education and primary health services are a first step to improving community wellbeing  

??  How important it is for health providers to advocate for the people and communities they care for   

?? How continuity of care models build trust and individualised approaches to care and improve health outcomes 

As we mark #IDM2023, let’s look to the relationship between women and midwives as an example of how to build resilient, sustainable health systems that centre people NOT profit. #EvidencetoReality 


@world_midwives is sending a midwife to Bali for an all-expenses-paid trip to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress!    

Between now and 1 May 2023, post a photo on Instagram of a midwife in your life, along with a description of why they deserve this trip of a lifetime.  

The winner will be announced on #IDM2023 (5 May 2023) at ICM’s virtual party.  

Find the contest details here: ??????????

Here’s how our member associations are celebrating IDM 

ICM represents over 140 midwives’ associations (MAs) across more than 120 countries. From parades to pop-up midwifery clinics, many of our associations host their own IDM celebrations and we’re excited to provide our community with a platform to promote their fantastic events and initiatives.

If you’re and ICM midwives’ association, click on the ‘submit your event’ button below to share your event on this site.

Register for ICM's IDM Event

International Day of the Midwife 2023
4:00 PM CET on Zoom | WORLDWIDE


ICM Region
All regions
Eastern Mediterranean
Western Pacific
5 may
An opportunity to reflect, strengthen, unite and invest
7AM CET in Palermo | Italy
5 may
First student forum organized by the Alliance of Bulgarian Midwives with an additional scientific panel on "Breastfeeding - from evidence to reality".
4PM EET in Sofia | Bulgaria
5 may
International Day of the Midwife: Let's celebrate Midwives
3:00pm GMT+4 Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

Download Social Media Graphics

What does it mean to be an ICM Member Association? 

This year, ICM launched a revised Membership Benefits package, outlining how becoming a member association of the International Confederation of Midwives entitles you to a long list of exclusive benefits. These benefits focus on professional development, networking, leadership opportunities, association support and funding, and much more.

Find out how to take advantage of these diverse benefits to enhance the knowledge of your Association and your members, advance the midwifery profession, and champion evidence in public policy.

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Find out how to take advantage of membership benefits that enhance the knowledge of your association, advance the midwifery profession, and champion evidence in public policy.



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